[Album] Akina Nakamori – Fushigi [FLAC / CD]

  • akina nakamori

    中森明菜 (Akina Nakamori) – 不思議 (Fushigi)
    Release date: 11 August 1986
    Genre: Experimental
    Bitrate: FLAC

    RAR / 274 MB

    Fushigi is Akina Nakamori’s ninth album, released on August 11, 1986, and is something of a concept album in that every track features distorted vocals of some kind (many unsuspecting members of the Japanese public at first thought this to be an unintentional mis-recording). Despite using unique vocal techniques foreign to her fanbase, the album proved to sell moderately well, debuting #1 with 464,000 copies and staying there for 3 weeks.


    1. Back door night
    2. ニュー・ジェネレーション [New Generation]
    3. Labyrinth
    4. マリオネット [Marionette]
    5. 幻惑されて [Genwaku-sarete]
    6. ガラスの心 [Glass no Kokoro]
    7. Teen-age blue
    8. 燠火 [Okibi]
    9. Wait for me
    10. Mushroom dance


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