Release date: 21 March 2012
Genre: Pop
Bitrate: MP3 320 KBPS

RAR / 127 MB


1. Theme of BRIGHT feat.AFRA
2. BAD GIRL!! feat.SKY-HI(AAA)
3. Eternity
4. LOVE ~ある愛のカタチ~
5. 1年2ヶ月20日
6. lonely tears
7. 花
8. 大丈夫。
9. 恋心
10. 逢うたび好きになって
11. Interlude ~I’m a dreaming girl~
12. キミがいるから ~ココロのとなりで~
13. I LUV U forever feat.CLIFF EDGE
14. Girls Be Ambitious


Rockfile: Link
Mexashare: Link

  • Fadhil Asyrafi

    Thanks so much for re-sharing this (g)old album.
    Could I request you to share other discography of BRIGHT? Such as “BRIGHT BEST”, “In Harmony”, and “Real”… Onegaishimasu. ^_^
    I really miss these 4 girl’s beautiful voices. T_T

    • jenie_hanabi

      Hi, I added Harmony and Real. http://jenie.co/tag/bright/ I will upload BRIGHT BEST soon soon 🙂

      • Fadhil Asyrafi

        Oh, thank you so much! I highly appreciate your fast response. 🙂

      • Mathias Lai Woa

        Thank you so much, i cant wait for you to upload 🙂 i have been looking all over the internet and was very hard to find anything and couldn’t find BRIGHT – Best.

        Thanks in advance! 🙂