[Album] Ryuichi Sakamoto – Year Book 1980-1984 [M4A]

  • ryuichi

    坂本龍一 (Ryuichi Sakamoto) – Year Book 1980-1984
    Released: 29 March 2017
    Genre: Electronic
    Bitrate: M4A 256 KBPS

    RAR / 170 MB


    1. Finale (Live Version)
    2. Happy End
    3. Foto Musik(Dub)
    4. Zoyy(Live Version)
    5. Demo #3(Live Version)
    6. The Arrangement(Live Version)
    7. Happy End(Live Version)
    8. Demo #6(Live Version)
    9. Piano Pillows(Live Version)
    10.Syosetsu(The Novel)
    11.Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence(Live Version)
    12.Before the War(Live Version)
    13.Last Regrets(Live Version)
    14.Beyond Reason(Live Version)
    15.The Fight(Live Version)
    16.Tibetan Dance(Live Version)
    17.M.A.Y. in the Backyard(Live Version)


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