[Album] Within Temptation – Hydra (Japanese Limited Edition)[MP3 + FLAC / CD]

  • within temptation

    Within Temptation – Hydra (Japanese Limited Edition)
    Released: 2015
    Genre: Metal
    Bitrate: FLAC & MP3 V0 VBR

    RAR / 673 MB; RAR / 177 MB


    Disc 1:

    1. Let Us Burn
    2. Dangerous (Feat. Howard Jones)
    3. And We Run (Feat. Xzibit)
    4. Paradise (What About Us) (Feat. Tarja)
    5. Edge Of The World
    6. Silver Moonlight
    7. Covered By Roses
    8. Dog Days
    9. Tell Me Why
    10. Whole World Is Watching (Feat. Dave Pirner)

    Disc 2:

    1. Radioactive (Imagine Dragons Cover)
    2. Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey Cover)
    3. Let Her Go (Passenger Cover)
    4. Dirty Dancer (Enrique Iglesias Cover)
    5. Grenade (Bruno Mars Cover) (Bonus Track)
    6. The Power Of Love (Frankie Goes to Hollywood Cover) (Bonus Track)
    7. And We Run (Evolution Track)
    8. Silver Moonlight (Evolution Track)
    9. Covered By Roses (Evolution Track)
    10. Tell Me Why (Evolution Track)



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